The Great HAZARAI Super Rack Race #2

The HAZARAI Super Rack Race is back by popular demand, and this week we’re playing for a Masters of the Universe Trap-Jaw 7-inch Super Deformed Plush

Masters of the Universe Trap-Jaw

Want in?  Here’s how to play:

  1. Create a New Rack on HAZARAI called “Super Rack Race 2” and select the “Big Fun “category and set it to PRIVATE so no one else bites off your hard work.
  1. Fill up your Rack by collecting at least one of the following from the list below.
  1. The first person to post a link to their completed Rack as a comment on our Official Challenge Facebook post wins.
  1. We’ll also be giving out consolation prizes for the next 4 who finish after that, so don’t give up even if you’re not first.

NOTE:  Everyone who finishes the challenge before we close the books on this contest is guaranteed to win something too.

This week we’re shaking things up and doing it a little different.  Instead of just giving you a laundry list of items to find and rack, we’re only giving you clues – so first you gotta figure them out, and then you gotta go and find them.  It’s a little more challenging, but a little more fun.

And Now, Let the Games Begin:

  1. We all know Jean Grey is a telepath whose aliases include Phoenix, Marvel Girl, and Dark Phoenix.  However, at heart, she’s still Daddy’s little girl – proof of this can be found on the website – find it and Rack it.
  2. Put down the video game controller (this will only hurt for a minute), log into our site on a mobile device and use the camera feature to Rack a pic or video that shows an example of “geek in the real world.”
  3. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is in a Gummi Bear the answer can be found on the website – find it and Rack it.
  4. 267-913-7638 brings you directly to which Mike Tyson Punch-Out! Boss?
  5. Despite nothing being said for 22 pages, many regard this comic as the greatest G.I. Joe story ever told.  Rack the cover.
  6. If Boba Fett and Siddhartha Gautama were put in a blender this resin art toy is what you’d end up with.  Rack it.
  7. Any original TurboGrafx-16 gaming system purchased in North America during the 1980s came along with this pack-in-game.  Rack a pic of its cover or any of its game play screens.

Wait!!!  That’s not it is it??!!  Of course not.  Clues #8 thru 10 are coming soon – but props to you for being early because now you have a leg up on the competition.

Stay tuned….


The HAZARAI Internet Scavenger Hunt

The HAZARAI Internet Scavenger Hunt is officially on and to this week’s winner goes a jumbo Stormtrooper action figure

  • 12 inch Collector Series
  • Fully posable
  • Authentically styled outfit & accessories

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.39.17 AM

Want in?  Here’s how to play:

  1. Create a New Rack on HAZARAI.COM called “Super Rack Race” and select the “Big Fun! “category.
  1. Fill up your Rack by collecting at least one of the following from the list below.
  1. The first person to post a link to their completed Rack as a comment on our Official Challenge Facebook post wins.

**We’ll also be giving out Editor’s Choice prizes for those showing the most creativity, style, and other types of awesomeness. So even if you’re not first, there are definitely other ways to win**

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.39.39 AM

And now the list (feel free to complete this mission using anything from both around the web or that you might just have lying around):

  1. Rack pics from any 3 Mario Bros. video games.
  2. Rack a piece of Star Wars fan art.
  3. Rack something “Wolverine”
  4. Rack any art toy from the Tenacious Toys website –
  5. Re-Rack any video on the HAZARAI website
  6. Rack something “Wonder Woman”
  7. Rack a cool Kickstarter project
  8. Rack something “Kaiju” from the Nakama Toys website –
  9. Rack any comic book or graphic novel NOT from Marvel or DC
  10. Rack a movie trailer from an 80s movie
  11. Rack the web page banner on the Zapp Comics website –
  12. Rack or Re-Rack any GIF involving professional wrestling
  13. Rack something involving Cosplay
  14. Rack a GIF from any television show
  15. Rack a movie poster from any Star Trek film
  16. Rack a piece of geek fashion you’d definitely be caught dead in.
  17. Rack any piece of animation art from the HeroWiz website –
  18. Rack a pic of your all time favorite video game system
  19. Rack a piece of handmade geekery from Etsy
  20. Rack a Gallery of at least three of your all-time favorite villain characters.

Here are a few helpful Rack Button tips and tricks for Racking from different websites we’ve tested the Rack Button out on. 

Good luck everyone, see you at the finish line, and may the best FAN win!

Quinn-Essential Reading

David Quinn‘s Big Deal on The Littlest B.

All this June the author is offering autographed copies at 50% off coverprice in his HAZARAI store.

Who is The Littlest Bitch? Little Isabel is a deliciously funny cross between the mischievous Eloise and The Bad Seed – and she’s tapped into her inner CEO to become the 5-year-old tyrant readers will love to hate.  The story’s origins date back to the early 1990s, when while working on separate series for DC Comics’ Pre-Vertigo Mature Readers line Piranha Press, David Quinn collaborated with Michael Davis on several projects for Tundra Publishing. During this time, the pair first tag-teamed on the first few phrases of The Littlest Bitch. Years later, Quinn fleshed the concept into a story… which would finally become a book when he met artist Devon Devereaux.

If you’re looking for something hot to add to your summer reading list, then check out, The Littlest Bitch, described by The Factual Opinion’s Nina Stone as “a clever and entertaining book that poignantly combines the precocious know-it-all and boss-of-it-all -isms of your typical four year old with that of a ruthless, corporate something-kinda-adult, focusing on a little girl who quickly pushes all the way to the top, burning bridges everywhere she goes.”


Getting your hands on this 64 page signed hardcover will normally run you $18, however, in his customary “Be Good to the Fans” style, Quinn has decided to make autographed copies of The Littlest Bitch available to readers for only $9 during the month of June in his store, The Studio of David Quinn, right here on HAZARAI.
This is a wickedly clever book that, like all good children’s stories for adults, has a moral; If you dream of swimming with the sharks, you might just get eaten alive!  But don’t let that stop you from diving right in.  Pick up an autographed copy of The Littlest Bitch direct from The Studio of David Quinn and get all the fun at only half the price.


David Quinn is an American comic book creator best known for the creation of the acclaimed series, Faust.  Signed copies of his books are available in his store, The Studio of David Quinn, here on HAZARAI.  Make sure to follow David on Twitter and Like The Littlest Bitch on Facebook.

Nina Stone, Known as Miss Nina, is an NYC award-winning singer/songwriter for kids. Known as Nina Stone, she is a reviewer of comic books on The Factual

HAZARAI is “comic con style fun” on the web; a one-stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out.  Follow us on Twitter, and Tumblr, and Like us on Facebook.


In honor of Geek Pride Day, HAZARAI dares you to “Show Your Geek Pride in 6 Seconds or Less” on Vine.

May 25th, 2013 is many things:

  • Star Wars: A New Hope is turning 36.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy lovers will celebrate Towel Day for the 12th year in a row.
  • Discworld fans will break out the lilacs and hard-boiled eggs once again for The Glorious 25th of May.
  • And of course, it’s the internationally recognized, Geek Pride Day.

Geek Pride Day?  Yup, it’s an actual thing, and in celebration of this “holiday” HAZARAI presents the “Show Your Geek Pride in 6 Seconds or Less” film festival.

You say you’re a geek?  Then show some pride!  Prizes include signed copies of:

Untitled-1 PLUS…

Untitled-2 AND MORE!

Wanna get in on the action?  No problem, it’s simple, all you have to do is:

Plus, it gets even better because HAZARAI amiga, Jessica Chobot, Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 1.54.32 PMis personally helping us pick the winners.  Keep it locked to her Twitter too, where she’ll be shouting out her very own #1 pick.

And in case you’re in need of a little inspiration here are a few to help get those creative juices flowing:


Or, how about…Now, get those smart phones out and let’s see your filmmaking skills.

Good luck everyone!


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HAZARAI EXCLUSIVE: The Latest Tenacious Toys “Super Series Sunday” Is An Undisputed Heavyweight Champion!

Benny Kline is one tough guy to nail down, the personification of the word “tenacious.”  Therefore, when the owner of the aptly named, Tenacious Toys, offered to take a few minutes out of his 80-hour work week to sit down with us and show off the latest gem in his Super Series Sundays program we no doubt jumped at the opportunity.  For those not familiar, Tenacious Toys’ Super Series Sunday is an exclusive weekly event featuring a new release of a resin or custom figure by an artist handpicked by Benny himself.

The Ever Tenacious Benny Kline

The Ever Tenacious Benny Kline

This week’s edition is a definite crowd pleaser, SumoTrooper, a 3″ sumo wrestler/stormtrooper cast from blue tinted resin.  “That’s pretty f’en cool” we offer up almost reflexively when Benny shows us a picture of it, after all, what isn’t to love about mashing up Japanese culture with an homage to Star Wars?  “It is, right?”  Benny agrees, “but you know what’s really cool…exclusives – let me see if I can hook you up with one.”  And just like that he’s on the phone with SumoTrooper creator, the uber talented multi-discipline artist, Kris Dulfer (and to imagine, we thought we hit the jackpot when Benny simply opened a Tenacious Toys store on HAZARAI).

The "Tenacious blue" SumoTrooper

The “Tenacious blue” SumoTrooper

For those not familiar with Kris Dulfer’s work, he’s a self-taught craftsman, a beyond obsessive perfectionist when it comes to his work, and a self-described “Culture Jammer” (more on this in our profile of Kris coming soon to the HAZARAI blog).  He credits his inspiration for SumoTrooper as coming partially from Scott Kinnebrew‘s badass Buddha Fett, partially from a few stormtrooper helmets he had lying around, and partially from a handful of sumo wrestler toys that his father stumbled across at a dollar store, and figured Kris could find something to do with them.  The original plan was to produce just 25 pieces in a limited edition set sold in blind boxes:  15 blue, 5 glow-in-the-dark chase pieces, and 5 hand-painted chase pieces – along with a randomly placed “golden ticket” in one of the boxes redeemable for a special golden SumoTrooper, (more teaser images are available by our friends over at TOYSREVIL), however, as a favor to Benny, Kris agreed to produce another 15 pieces in red and make them only available for purchase in his KiD iNk iNDUSTRIES HAZARAI store this Super Sunday, 3/31.  As if it couldn’t get even better, he’s also including a “golden ticket” in one of the red exclusives too.

A sneak peak of the HAZARAI Exclusive red SumoTrooper

A sneak peak of the HAZARAI Exclusive red SumoTrooper

SumoTrooper drops this Sunday, March 31st at 4pm EST, and is the first in what hopes to be a long line of fresh creations by Kris Dulfer that we’ll be featuring on HAZARAI.  Like we said, there’s only a limited amount of them being cast, so make sure to grab your red one on HAZARAI this Sunday (3/31) @ 4pm EST, and the rest on Tenacious Toys’ website then too.

The rest of the SumoTrooper Collection available at starting 3/31/13 @ 4pm EST

The rest of the SumoTrooper Collection available at starting 3/31/13 @ 4pm EST

Our very special thanks to Benny Kline for allowing us to be part of his Super Series Sundays (not to mention scoring us the exclusive).


HAZARAI is an online marketplace specializing in all things geek and pop culture; a one-stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out. Follow us on Twitter  and Tumblr, and Like us on Facebook.

Tenacious Toys is an internet-only store based in NYC committed to broadening the reach and recognition of independent creators in the growing art toy community.  For more about Tenacious Toys owner, Benny Kline, check out both parts 1 & 2 of his interview with TOYSREVIL‘s Andy Heng.

Kris Dulfer is a master Sculptor,Toy Maker, Customizer, and Resin Caster.  He has been producing fresh & fine art since 1993 through his production entity, KiD iNK iNDUSTRIES.

Tate’s Comics: Florida’s Real Fantasy Land

So, I just got back from a trip to Florida.  Jealous?  Not yet?  Ok, how about this, it included a visit to the great Tate’s Comics  – oh, now I have your attention.  In case you aren’t familiar, the Eisner Award winning Tate’s is one of, if not, the premier comic shop in all of Florida (and perhaps even beyond) – just ask Kevin Eastman, Rick Ross, Eric Powell, or our good friend, David Lloyd, who have all made cameos there recently.  Its founder, Tate Ottati, started it back when he was 17 using seed money he earned investing in (what else?) Marvel stock.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.37.26 PM

Unlike Disney World there are no long lines to get inside this Floridian attraction (although there probably should be), and pets are even welcome too.  From the mainstream to the unique to their upstairs “Bear+Bird Botique and Gallery,” we’re talking over 6,000 square feet of pretty much anything you could ever want including imported Japanese snacks.  Coming up on it’s 20th anniversary, it’s nice to see an awesome store, run by awesome people still going strong.    Tate’s is coming soon to HAZARAI, so stay tuned, but in the meantime, if you make it to Florida and don’t stop in, you’ll regret it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.38.52 PM


Ian Griggs aka Ian Credible is the CEO of HAZARAI and former writer/producer for Spike, MTV, IFC, Fuse, and Comedy Central.

HAZARAI is an online marketplace specializing in all things geek and pop culture; a one-stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out. Follow us on Twitter  and Tumblr, and Like us on Facebook.

Tate’s Comics is an award winning, family-owned and operated “Pop Culture Mecca” and “Geek-Culture Dynasty,” established in 1993 and located in Lauderhill, Florida – just west of Ft. Lauderdale.

Sh@ring the Love

The HAZARAI Staff Picks Their All Time Favorite 100% Valentine’s Day BE@RBRICKs

Tr@sh St. V@lentine 100% Figure (2002) – How romantic, the original pair came as a set and in the same somewhat provocative box too. Although, from the looks of it, they were pretty good about using protection.


Photo via pizza_hunter_hk

V@lentine 100% Figure (2004) – Designed specifically for those with great taste, V@lentine was available in both Chocolate and Strawberry…and, bonus tidbit: they were the first ever fragranced BE@RBRICKs.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.50.08 PM


Plus, they came in a pretty sweet box too:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.45.34 PM


Valentine 100% Figure (2009) – Changing its name from V@lentine to Valentine wasn’t the only thing Medicom did differently in ‘09. These (Chia) Valentine’s Day figures featured soft, felt-like texture in both brown and pink colors.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.57.35 PM


Love & Happy St. Valentine’s Day 100% Figure (2010) – Cool fact #1: The pale pink colorway with a red heart all-over design marked the beginning of the Love & Happy Valentine era. Cooler fact #2: He glows in the dark!



Happy Valentine BE@RBRICK Limited 100% Figure (2011) – There may have been six different Valentine’s Day BE@RBRICKs released that year, but the Limited design – ice cream cone style chocolate brown (complete with a saucey head) was definitely our flavor of choice.



Make sure to also check out our awesome review of this year’s 2013 Love & Happy St. Valentine’s Day BE@RBRICK.


HAZARAI is an online marketplace specializing in all things geek and pop culture; a one-stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out. Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, and Like us on Facebook.