Tate’s Comics: Florida’s Real Fantasy Land

So, I just got back from a trip to Florida.  Jealous?  Not yet?  Ok, how about this, it included a visit to the great Tate’s Comics  – oh, now I have your attention.  In case you aren’t familiar, the Eisner Award winning Tate’s is one of, if not, the premier comic shop in all of Florida (and perhaps even beyond) – just ask Kevin Eastman, Rick Ross, Eric Powell, or our good friend, David Lloyd, who have all made cameos there recently.  Its founder, Tate Ottati, started it back when he was 17 using seed money he earned investing in (what else?) Marvel stock.

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Unlike Disney World there are no long lines to get inside this Floridian attraction (although there probably should be), and pets are even welcome too.  From the mainstream to the unique to their upstairs “Bear+Bird Botique and Gallery,” we’re talking over 6,000 square feet of pretty much anything you could ever want including imported Japanese snacks.  Coming up on it’s 20th anniversary, it’s nice to see an awesome store, run by awesome people still going strong.    Tate’s is coming soon to HAZARAI, so stay tuned, but in the meantime, if you make it to Florida and don’t stop in, you’ll regret it.

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Ian Griggs aka Ian Credible is the CEO of HAZARAI and former writer/producer for Spike, MTV, IFC, Fuse, and Comedy Central.

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Tate’s Comics is an award winning, family-owned and operated “Pop Culture Mecca” and “Geek-Culture Dynasty,” established in 1993 and located in Lauderhill, Florida – just west of Ft. Lauderdale.


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One response to “Tate’s Comics: Florida’s Real Fantasy Land”

  1. lando says :

    I am lucky to be local to this store. not only do they have every aspect of comics and its subculture but the staff is excellent, helpful and will make sure to get just about any question answered or request met (ahem, within reason) their comics are well priced, amazing selection of back issues as well as current issues from the top two to local indies, a great shop that truly respects the culture and the customer.

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