The HAZARAI Internet Scavenger Hunt

The HAZARAI Internet Scavenger Hunt is officially on and to this week’s winner goes a jumbo Stormtrooper action figure

  • 12 inch Collector Series
  • Fully posable
  • Authentically styled outfit & accessories

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.39.17 AM

Want in?  Here’s how to play:

  1. Create a New Rack on HAZARAI.COM called “Super Rack Race” and select the “Big Fun! “category.
  1. Fill up your Rack by collecting at least one of the following from the list below.
  1. The first person to post a link to their completed Rack as a comment on our Official Challenge Facebook post wins.

**We’ll also be giving out Editor’s Choice prizes for those showing the most creativity, style, and other types of awesomeness. So even if you’re not first, there are definitely other ways to win**

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.39.39 AM

And now the list (feel free to complete this mission using anything from both around the web or that you might just have lying around):

  1. Rack pics from any 3 Mario Bros. video games.
  2. Rack a piece of Star Wars fan art.
  3. Rack something “Wolverine”
  4. Rack any art toy from the Tenacious Toys website –
  5. Re-Rack any video on the HAZARAI website
  6. Rack something “Wonder Woman”
  7. Rack a cool Kickstarter project
  8. Rack something “Kaiju” from the Nakama Toys website –
  9. Rack any comic book or graphic novel NOT from Marvel or DC
  10. Rack a movie trailer from an 80s movie
  11. Rack the web page banner on the Zapp Comics website –
  12. Rack or Re-Rack any GIF involving professional wrestling
  13. Rack something involving Cosplay
  14. Rack a GIF from any television show
  15. Rack a movie poster from any Star Trek film
  16. Rack a piece of geek fashion you’d definitely be caught dead in.
  17. Rack any piece of animation art from the HeroWiz website –
  18. Rack a pic of your all time favorite video game system
  19. Rack a piece of handmade geekery from Etsy
  20. Rack a Gallery of at least three of your all-time favorite villain characters.

Here are a few helpful Rack Button tips and tricks for Racking from different websites we’ve tested the Rack Button out on. 

Good luck everyone, see you at the finish line, and may the best FAN win!



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