The Great HAZARAI Super Rack Race #2

The HAZARAI Super Rack Race is back by popular demand, and this week we’re playing for a Masters of the Universe Trap-Jaw 7-inch Super Deformed Plush

Masters of the Universe Trap-Jaw

Want in?  Here’s how to play:

  1. Create a New Rack on HAZARAI called “Super Rack Race 2” and select the “Big Fun “category and set it to PRIVATE so no one else bites off your hard work.
  1. Fill up your Rack by collecting at least one of the following from the list below.
  1. The first person to post a link to their completed Rack as a comment on our Official Challenge Facebook post wins.
  1. We’ll also be giving out consolation prizes for the next 4 who finish after that, so don’t give up even if you’re not first.

NOTE:  Everyone who finishes the challenge before we close the books on this contest is guaranteed to win something too.

This week we’re shaking things up and doing it a little different.  Instead of just giving you a laundry list of items to find and rack, we’re only giving you clues – so first you gotta figure them out, and then you gotta go and find them.  It’s a little more challenging, but a little more fun.

And Now, Let the Games Begin:

  1. We all know Jean Grey is a telepath whose aliases include Phoenix, Marvel Girl, and Dark Phoenix.  However, at heart, she’s still Daddy’s little girl – proof of this can be found on the website – find it and Rack it.
  2. Put down the video game controller (this will only hurt for a minute), log into our site on a mobile device and use the camera feature to Rack a pic or video that shows an example of “geek in the real world.”
  3. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is in a Gummi Bear the answer can be found on the website – find it and Rack it.
  4. 267-913-7638 brings you directly to which Mike Tyson Punch-Out! Boss?
  5. Despite nothing being said for 22 pages, many regard this comic as the greatest G.I. Joe story ever told.  Rack the cover.
  6. If Boba Fett and Siddhartha Gautama were put in a blender this resin art toy is what you’d end up with.  Rack it.
  7. Any original TurboGrafx-16 gaming system purchased in North America during the 1980s came along with this pack-in-game.  Rack a pic of its cover or any of its game play screens.

Wait!!!  That’s not it is it??!!  Of course not.  Clues #8 thru 10 are coming soon – but props to you for being early because now you have a leg up on the competition.

Stay tuned….



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